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Heroic Femmes Superheroines Destroyed is a platform dedicated to showcasing the beauty, sexuality, vulnerability, strength and power of female Superheroes.

With years of dedication collecting high-quality superheroine content, I bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every video we ENHANCE and UPSCALE. We locate content from talented writers, directors, and performers who are passionate about bringing these powerful stories to life.

I offer a large variety of Superheroines Defeated genre’s, including light fun non-sexual battles parodies, involving fighting, belly punching, high-kicks, lifting & cradle carrying, bear-hugs, choking, electrocution, to similar but with sexual content being either simulated or real. Plus more intense violence, perversity and XXX content!

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Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and empower audiences worldwide through powerful erotic storytelling that satisfies the desire some of has for seeing our female Superheroines manhandled, over-powered, de-clothed and sexually abused!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space where lovers of sexy Superheroines can be seen in the situations that we really wanted to see in their movies and in our dreams. I hope you enjoy this content and keep coming back for our regular uploads. Please SUBSCRIBE for notifications.

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